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Coconut Lime Verbena Hand Cream

Bath, body workouts, verbena, lotion, lot of 10 bottles, total of 5.

Top 10 Coconut Lime Verbena Hand Cream

The hand cream is a beautiful orange with a light Coconut flavor, it is very light and does not feel like it would take up much space in your hand. The Verbena is very effective and is left my hands feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, the Coconut Lime Verbena hand cream is a new style of cream that is based on the benefits of Coconut and lime. This cream is manufactured to help healing of hands, help in against dry skin, and to boost skin's department by providing natural resources of hydration, this unique cream is based on the idea of using a natural form of hydration, of course, , by using Coconut Lime as the main ingredient. This means that the cream will be made up of this natural form of hydration which will be used in combination with the cream's Coconut Lime color, the hand cream is meant to be used like a traditional cream, it is meant to be applied and used daily, in the morning and evening. The idea is to get bath & body works moisturizing hand soap used mixed Coconut Lime is on your hands as quickly as possible, so that you can get to the real benefits of the cream, which are its healing properties and anti-dry properties, the hand cream is produced up of two parts, the first of which is a cream, made of Coconut Lime and shea butter, that is meant to be applied and used daily. The second part is a hand cream that is based on the benefits of Coconut and lime, meant to be used in the evening, this innovative hand cream features a sweet Lime flavor and a sweet Coconut milk content which gives it a healthy green flavor. The cream is also a few ounces of this unique Verbena flower petals that can be used as a service for the skin'sbage, this rich cream is best suited for hands that are dry or those that need light creamier treatment. This hand cream is a new bath company and their Coconut Lime Verbena hand repair healing cream is a new body works line.