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O'keeffe's Hand Cream Ingredients

Looking for a high-quality hand cream? Search no more than okeeffe's working hands hand cream, this value-sized product provides hours of comfort and hydration for use in the wild or home, and is ideal for lovers with busy schedules.

For Rough & Dry & Itchy Skin 24 Oz

3 X O'Keeffe's Soothing &

By O'Keeffe's


8 Oz For Dry Rough Bumpy Skin
O'Keeffe's 48 Hour Skin Repair Body Lotion For Extremely Dry Itchy Skin 7 Ounce
O'Keeffe's Skin Repair Body Lotion and Dry Skin Moisturizer, Tube, 7 ounce

O'Keeffe's Skin Repair Body Lotion



- 8oz Each

Pack of 2 - O'Keeffe's

By O Keefes


3.4oz Lotion Helps Prevent Moisture Loss 1 Pack
For Extremely Dry Rough Bumpy Skin

Working Hands Cream Ingredients

This working hands cream is dandy for keeping your hands healthy and your feet digging good, the cream is fabricated with natural Ingredients and are meant to help you work with your hands safely and efficiently. This set comes with a brush, fingers, and hand cream, it is good for people who have: -acne - dry skin - watery skin - sensitive skin - soft skin - long hair - female keefe hand cream is an unique value size hand cream that against pain and itchiness. The cream is produced of natural Ingredients and is ideal for use on the hand, including the tips and the inside of the fingers, keefe hand cream as well effective against pain and itchiness on the whole hand. Keeffe's working hands hand cream is a gentle, all-natural hand care line that helps keep your skin hunting and feeling its best, this work-release cream helps.