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Planet Spa Hand Cream

Planet Spa is a new line of hand creams from avon, designed to nourish and protect the skin around the eyes, this creams are made with african shea butter and moisturizer to help keep the skin feeling soft, smooth and shining. 5 oz, for 2.

2 x Avon Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Shea Butter Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream

2 x Avon Planet Spa

By Avon


2.5oz African Shea Butter Moisturizer
2.5oz Moisturizer
+ New.

Top 10 Planet Spa Hand Cream

Planet Spa is hand cream that contains avon minerals, the cream is a light, airy hand cream that is splendid for individuals with delicate skin. It is furthermore know for it hot qualities - 2 x avon Planet Spa blissfully nourishing shea butter hand, elbow and foot cream is a first-class cream for admirers who yearn to keep their skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant, Planet Spa is an unique hand cream that uses african shea butter and african mallow herbal lotion. The lotion is designed to keep hands feeling soft, smooth and healthy, Planet Spa is now discontinuing the hand cream. Planet Spa hand cream is a natural, lavender-based hand cream that was created to soothe and restock the spa, this individualized cream contains arnica, myrrh, and oil to soothe and clean the skin. The ingredients also include lemon, citrus, and yarrow oil to summarize the senses, the name of the cream comes from the physical properties of the ingredients - the cream is "handy" in a sense. Planet Spa is a sterling alternative to keep your skin clean, and bounce back from the body wasteries of summer, biz Spa is a hand cream that is specifically designed to purify the skin. The lot of 2 new ingredients are avon biz Spa and it is specifically designed to be a peerless body butter for people who itch to stay clean and beautiful.