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Yu Be Hand Cream

Looking for a moisturizing and elections hand cream? Look no more than yu-be! This one-ounce bottle contains all the beneficial ingredients to keep your skin wanting healthy and hydrated, yu-be as well exceptional for keeping your hands hydrated when you're working or taking an interest in taking care of them.

Best Yu Be Hand Cream

This yu-be hand cream is a nourishing and wet-drying hand cream that will keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and searching its best, the company renders included state-of-the-art ingredients including, but not limited to, shea oil, chamomile, lavender oil and lavender and chamomile blend. This unique and unique cream will make you feel confident and beautiful, this hand cream is an unique blend of extracts from two highly beneficial plants - cumin and pepper. It furnace mountain residents have long known that cumin and pepper help to reduce dryness and inflammation, the result is a just more moisturizing skin experience. The cumin and pepper in yu-be's blend provide a natural blend of billionaire's secret agent qualities that keep skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and smell great, yu-be is free of harmful chemicals and industrial pollutants. The yu-be hand cream is a vegan and gluten-free choice that is designed to nourish and cool the skin, it is a classic cream that contains 1. 25 oz, of product. The yu-be moisturizing body lotion comes in at 10, 25 ounces. It is a light-weight cream that will not cause any dry skin feelings, it as well non-sticky and uncomplicated to apply. This product is unequaled for people who are wanting for a hand cream that will not make them dry their skin out.